hi, the purpose of this site is to have a tangible record of my existence, my thoughts,
my interests, my opinions and my ideas while i'm still here on this earth.
i need you to know that i existed.

i'm choosing to remain anonymous, for now. if, for whatever reason, you're a stranger who has stumbled onto my site:
take pride in knowing that you now know me better than anybody else in the physical world.
these pixels on the screen before you do a better job at embodying me than i ever had the chance to while i was alive.

however, please promise me this one thing, dear stranger: when you exit off of my website,
you will be kind to every person and every thing that you will ever meet.
smile at the next person you see. i know i sure needed it.

you can check out my journal here. i'll write often about how sad and stuck i feel - but stranger,
i need you to know that i'm okay. this website is merely a vent space for me. i'm okay, i suffer through an unbearable sadness
most days that i just need to put somewhere, instead of allowing it to fester and multiply inside of my soul.

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