this page is dedicated to the music i've loved most, the songs that have saved my life -
i hope with all of my heart you find something that sparks something in your soul, as well.

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we will make it through somehow, you and me..
if the world should break in two,
until the very end of me,
until the very end of you,
all that we were is gone... we have to hold on...

and the sad, sad, sad, all the sad faces drown in this town
where are we going?
and they all want you to change...
and they all want you to change...

you're probably poisoning your body,
i hope you're alright.
in a moment of fear
you dig in your heels
the pills won't help you now...

and if i only could
i'd make a deal with god
and get him to swap our places...
i'd be running up that road,
be running up that hill,
be running up to that building...

you don't want to feel anything new,
you decided to spend your life safe from emotion
this way you'll never be harmed again or confused now...
you spend your life trapped in this void
where you will stay always...
you waste your life relaxed in your void
where you will drain all of you...

if i can't be my own,
i'd feel better dead...